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What do we do when we speak?

I think we would like to accept (and get a better understanding of) all these answers:

(1) We interact which each other by following some rules.
(2) We share our image of reality.
(3) We reason, or at least offer some basis (or starting point) for reasoning.
(4) We perform some actions, intending to achieve some purposes.

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Cineva mi-ar putea spune: “Dar daca intentia cu care actioneaza o persoana nu poate fi precizata decat pe baza unei descrieri a actiunii respective (asa cum spune Elizabeth Anscombe), atunci limbajul precede intotdeauna actiunile. Nu poti vorbi despre actiuni verbale fara sa vorbesti despre intentiile cu care sunt realizate acestea, respectiv despre diferitele descrieri ale actiunilor respective. Pe tine te intereseaza insiruirea rationala a actiunilor, nu a descrierilor acestora. Si atunci?”

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