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Teme crestine in Haibane Renmei

A fost o prezentare sustinuta aici. Am incercat sa spun ca, fara sa aiba un angajament explicit fata de vreo credinta religioasa, intregul serial degaja o atmosfera in care un crestin se poate simti in largul sau, atingand o serie de teme existentiale profunde – sensul vietii, moartea, pacatul, iertarea, mantuirea ş.a.

In orice caz, inregistrarea audio a prezentarii se afla aici:

Iar imaginile pe care le-am folosit pe parcursul prezentarii se gasesc in arhiva de aici.


For me, this was a great opportunity to see what other people are working on. I feel quite isolated in Bucharest, since I do not have access to most of the more recent publications at my faculty (also, I cannot afford to subscribe to any professional journals on my own or to take part in any events happening abroad). So ECAP8 was a breath of fresh air. I have met a lot of interesting people and ideas and made a lot of notes (but I will not post them here).