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Empirical actions (and some other things)

This is mainly an (yet unsuccessful) attempt to develop what I understood as a Wittgensteinean suggestion here for how we could justify claims of the form ‘I know that p’, where p describes what is happening in the speaker’s environment, by performing certain empirical actions. Since these are my personal notes, some other thoughts are intermixed. If you have any feedback, please leave a comment bellow.

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Three Drawings

I’ve done the first one in an attempt to clarify my view of philosophy as a conceptual proposal:


The second expresses my thoughts about the dual nature of actions:


In the third case I was trying to think of the different ways in which we understand the idea if necessity:


They are related.

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In ce sens poate fi o greseala morala inevitabila? Pana la urma, e vorba fie despre o actiune pe care eu o realizez, fie despre una pe care aleg sa nu o realizez (desi ar fi trebuit sa o fac). Trebuie sa existe loc pentru o alegere, pentru cursuri de actiune alternative. Altfel, cum se mai poate vorbi despre responsabilitate?

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