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Reason, Actions, Nature

These are some notes which I wrote down in the last few months. I was thinking of writing a book, so I wrote in order to make the topic of my book a bit more clear. This is the only use of this text – to make it clear for myself what I am supposed to write about in my book. The only result of writing everything found here, which I would acknowledge, is that the title of my book should be ‘Reason, Language and Actions’. Nothing else should be taken seriously, nothing is worth mentioning etc. I did not proofread the text for grammar mistakes. If you want to take a look at it, you’re on your own.

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Random notes

There is nothing which I would claim to be true (or even acceptable) here, so I should not be quoted on any of the following lines. I wrote them down just to reflect on some topics (personal identity, responsibility, obligations, existence of God, theology of atonement, actions, intentions, reasoning, having a concept etc.) in my spare time. I am not posting these thoughts here because they could be of any use to someone else. It is just that I do not see why I should refrain from posting them here for my own use.

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Three Drawings

I’ve done the first one in an attempt to clarify my view of philosophy as a conceptual proposal:


The second expresses my thoughts about the dual nature of actions:


In the third case I was trying to think of the different ways in which we understand the idea if necessity:


They are related.

In continuare despre responsabilitate

Si totusi, pentru a spune ca ma bazez pe X intr-o anumita situatie, sau ca am incredere ca X va face A, nu e suficient ca X sa fie responsabil pentru a face A (sau ceea ce ma astept sa faca in situatia respectiva). Exista, de pilda, parinti iresponsabili. Ei au responsabilitatea sa faca anumite lucruri, dar nu le fac. Cand spun ca ei sunt iresponsabili nu ii absolv de responsabilitatile pe care le au, ca parinti, ci doar observ ca sunt incapabili sa le indeplineasca.

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O reactie la un articol despre filosofie si filosofi

As spune despre mine ca sunt un filosof. In ciuda unei pasiuni pentru filosofie pe care o am de aproape 25 de ani, n-am indraznit sa spun asta decat cu putin timp in urma, atunci cand m-am convins ca are rost sa incerc sa contribui la cercetarile realizate in zilele noastre in filosofie.

Persoana mea nu este importanta pentru ceea ce doresc sa spun acum. Nu doar in filosofie, ci si in orice dezbatere publica, importante sunt ideile si argumentele. Ca filosof, insa, am simtit ca unele dintre afirmatiile facute recent de catre domnul Andrei Plesu, intr-un articol intitulat “Drumul spre sine”, publicat in Dilema Veche, ma privesc personal. La acestea as dori sa reactionez in continuare.

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