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Reason, Actions, Nature

These are some notes which I wrote down in the last few months. I was thinking of writing a book, so I wrote in order to make the topic of my book a bit more clear. This is the only use of this text – to make it clear for myself what I am supposed to write about in my book. The only result of writing everything found here, which I would acknowledge, is that the title of my book should be ‘Reason, Language and Actions’. Nothing else should be taken seriously, nothing is worth mentioning etc. I did not proofread the text for grammar mistakes. If you want to take a look at it, you’re on your own.

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Three Drawings

I’ve done the first one in an attempt to clarify my view of philosophy as a conceptual proposal:


The second expresses my thoughts about the dual nature of actions:


In the third case I was trying to think of the different ways in which we understand the idea if necessity:


They are related.

La tribunal, in bucatarie si pe terenul de fotbal

Sa luam un caz simplu. Are loc o crima. Specialistii aduna evidente, le interpreteaza, pe baza lor e arestat criminalul, aceiasi specialisti depun marturie, instanta constata faptele, apoi da o decizie, pe baza acesteia criminalul isi executa pedeapsa. Nu ar fi ciudat sa privim separat doar ceea ce s-a spus in acest caz?

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